November 6, 2008

Lessons taught in youth group last a lifetime

By Danielle Abbott

Children and teenagers in today’s society are always being pushed to grow into strong, respectable and giving adults. Through classes, sporting events and other extracurricular activities, many students keep their schedules packed full. But there are some Washburn area teens that make their faith one of the strongest elements in their hectic lives. Whether it is watching informational DVDs that teach valuable lessons or planning extravagant nights of pie and pastry baking, these teens know that giving back is one of the best qualities of any maturing individual. The lessons that the United Methodist Youth Group is being taught include those of courage, religion, values, goals and responsibility. Don’t let the name United Methodist Youth Group fool you, the group is actually open to kids in grades seven to 12, no matter what their religious background. The group has opened its doors and hearts to members of almost every denomination, including the Baptist and Lutheran churches, along with students who don’t belong to any organized religion. The youth group has also welcomed several international students throughout the years. This year, the youth group consists of fifteen students and congregation members that help with organization and lessons. The group’s two presidents are Washburn seniors Kelcie Kuch and Jennifer Wicklander, and junior Kayla Price is the secretary. Every year, the students vote for their president and help pass down responsibility to the incoming seniors. You may have seen the youth group around Washburn, and they certainly have been keeping busy. Every fall the group cleans out the Washburn Teen Center before it opens for the season, rakes leaves at residences and public areas around town and cleans out the resource center.

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