December 17, 2015

Letting out its seams


After over a decade, Bobbie Barnhardt is finally seeing her dreams come to life as her quilting business looks to expand into a space being vacated at the end of the year, opening up room for more machines and more possibilities.

When the Cottingham Insurance office, which shares the building with Barnhardt’s business Quilting for You, closes on December 31, Barnhardt will take over the rest of the space. A representative of Cottingham Insurance said that the Washburn office will be closing because "there isn’t enough need for another office so close." The Underwood office will remain open.

When Barnhard heard that the space would be opening up, she saw an opportunity to do something she had dreamt of for over a decade - grow. So she will. This month, Barnhardt started preparing to transition into the full space and making plans for how she will use the building.

"We are going to be removing the interior offices used by Cottingham Insurance and a few other minor updates, repairs and painting that will allow more space and more light for working in," Barnhardt said.

She said having access to the full office space will give her the chance to have both of her quilting machines set up for use at their full length, on top of offering a variety of other benefits and opportunities.

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