January 30, 2013

Little Prints Daycare under new ownership

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The importance of daycare in a growing community has been illustrated often by parents looking to work outside of their home. Justine and Donny Roehrich understand that the need for daycare continues in Washburn, even if their needs change. They also understand the need to spend time with their own children. That’s why they took a slice of the work out of their life by selling their daycare to a recent transfer to Washburn. Melissa Staker, formerly of Billings, Mont., made the move to Washburn about a year ago to be closer to her mom and younger sister. Shortly after landing here, she began supervising at the Little Prints Daycare. When Justine mentioned the idea of selling the daycare portion of the building, Staker stepped up to the challenge. Staker has a 2-month-old daughter named Jayda. Staker has past experience working in assisted living. She discovered that this job is great for her as it allows her to get out and work yet have her daughter with her.

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