February 19, 2009

Local schools fill teaching vacancies

By Danielle Abbott

Recent retirements at the Washburn School have opened up several positions, which the school board is trying to fill for the upcoming years. After Sharon Sorenson, the current elementary school counselor retired, superintendent Brad Rinas stated that Deb Torkelson, the current high school counselor, could pick up some extra counseling hours next year. Rinas said that Torkelson would be able to work four days at Washburn, and if needed, she could spend one day per week at the Wilton school, which is also looking for a new counselor. "I will assume that Wilton and Center will look together, they may choose to get a full time person and share between the two schools, while we have our person in our building," Rinas said. "I don’t know what type of situation is going to work out for Center because these counseling services are very hard to fill. My intention is not to purchase any counseling time like we are now, I don’t think that we will have to." The music teaching position is also up in the air for both Washburn and Wilton. Currently, Randy Hall is working at Washburn 70 percent of the time, while Charlene Snustad is spending 50 percent of her time in Washburn’s music department.

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