December 27, 2017

Looking ahead

With its 2018 annual meeting approaching, the WAEDA board took time last week to discuss recent progress, its ongoing vision and setting new goals.
Economic Development and Marketing Director Tana Larsen addressed the Washburn Area Economic Development Association board last week during its monthly meeting, opening up conversation on long term goals for the organization.
“Wrapping up 2017 and moving into 2018, I just thought, let’s have kind of a quick discussion,” Larsen said. “Are we on track? Are we where we want to be?”
Larsen provided the board with several documents, including a bullet-pointed list outlining WAEDA’s main focus points, which area recreational opportunity development; population growth strategy; community safety, caring and welcoming; business development; retail marketing and primary sector job development.
“If we look at implementing the vision, these are some of the things they had cited that we as a community needed to do,” Larsen said. “Are there any of these that we want to focus on primarily in 2018? Any of these that anyone has ideas for?”
WAEDA director Rachel Retterath said she felt there have been positive steps taken since Larsen started in 2016, but that it may be time to crack down on big-picture items.

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