August 27, 2014

‘For sale’: Lewis & Clark Cafe is closed, pending new owner

By Cheryl McCormack

"Best cheeseburger. Friendly neighborhood folks."

This anonymous online review says a lot about the Lewis & Clark Cafe, a staple in the Washburn community for quite some time.

After more than seven years as the owner and full-time operator of the cafe, Trudy Shoemaker is throwing in the towel – not to mention the apron, potholder, mop and broom.

"There are a lot of factors involved," she said.

A combination of the economy, trying to secure long-term, dependable workers and nearing the age of retirement were all deciding factors in her closing the cafe.

Shoemaker said, "I love what I do, but it’s been too much. My family (life) has suffered. My husband (Jeff) gets off his full-time job and then helps me with the cafe in the evenings.

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