October 22, 2009

‘Journey Stories’ travels to Washburn

By Alyssa Schafer

Movement comes naturally for Americans. We like adventure, but the road to progress is sometimes rocky. A Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibit chronicles the trials and tribulations of early settlers for those interested in the history of Americans’ travels. "Journey Stories: Everyday Folks, Extraordinary Lives" will visit Washburn next month, giving residents a chance to see a Smithsonian display just minutes from home. "This is a great opportunity, not only for Washburn, but for the whole area," said Milissa Price of Washburn’s Smithsonian Exhibit Committee. "Journey Stories" explores the tales of how our ancestors came to America. From Native Americans to new citizens, there are many stories to be told about why people live where they do and how they got there. "It’s telling about the stories that we all have," Smithsonian Exhibit Committee member Joan Zimmerman said. "It will be interesting."

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