June 10, 2015

‘No trees’ means no trees

By Cheryl McCormack

Shutting down the Wilton landfill’s grass clippings pile, aerating the pond and ordinance violations were notable areas of discussion at last week’s Wilton City Commission meeting.

Auditor Pattie Solberg noted the grass clippings pile at the city’s landfill is being inundated with branches and trees, in spite of signage that clearly states, "No trees..."

"It has more trees than grass clippings," she said. "There was an entire tree in there, roots and all. The guys (city maintenance workers) are to the point that they want to shut that pile down. They don’t want to, but..."

Commissioner Lisa Hedstrom said she hates to see everyone punished and suggested installing a trail cam at the site to see who’s responsible.

No action was taken. If branches and trees continue to appear in the grass clippings pile, it will be shut down.

Commissioners also discussed the flexibility the city provides for citizens to use the landfill. Current hours are Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5-8 p.m. Additional arrangements can be made by contacting Solberg at the city office.

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