July 12, 2017

‘No trucks allowed’

At a June Washburn City Commission meeting, the board approved installing “No Truck” signs at 14th and 15th Street in Washburn, in hopes of preventing additional wear on those roads.
Monday night, one property owner addressed the commissioners expressing concern over the implications of the restriction. Renae Bauer, who owns property adjacent to the debated roadways, said a renter drives trucks for a living.
“Ashley, when she drives around, she does drive down 15th Street,” Bauer said.
Bauer said driving trucks was the tenant’s livelihood, and that prohibiting it on that roadway wouldn’t leave her with many options. Bauer said she would like to find an option where everyone can be happy, and presented some data to the commission.
“I just don’t know if the road will stand up for that,” Commission President Larry Thomas said.
Thomas said residents just paid expensive specials to work on those roads, to which Bauer noted that she was one of those residents. Bauer said she didn’t believe the truck would contribute to any more wear and tear than any other SUV.

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