June 1, 2017

‘Washburn has not forgotten’

Three hundred and forty names were read aloud Monday, filling the silence, echoing through the hall and the hearts of those seated inside of it. The message of the Memorial Day Program was solemn and clear, repeated multiple times that morning - Washburn has not forgotten.
Red, white and blue adorned the Washburn Memorial Building Monday as current and past residents of Washburn addressed the packed hall with solemn messages. The United States and North Dakota flags were ceremoniously displayed in the presentation of colors, and all came together to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the National Anthem.
Washburn Native Colonel Timothy Holton, who recently retired as commander of the U.S. Army band, delivered the address during the program, emphasizing the importance of remembering fallen soldiers.
Legionnaire Dewey Oster then recited the names of each Washburn area veteran, buried locally, out of state or overseas, 340 total.
At the end of the program, a prayer was said and the colors retired before a short parade took place down Main Avenue. An observance was held shortly after at River View Cemetery, followed by a community picnic for veterans and community members.

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