July 23, 2015

‘Yard of the Week’

By Cheryl McCormack

Lori and Dave Pederson, 121 Renner Road, are the latest winners of the Washburn Study Club’s "Yard of the Week."

What makes the Pedersons’ yard unique is their vast collection of "old and interesting" décor. According to Lori, many pieces hold sentimental value.

An antique wheelbarrow, overflowing with flowers and resting under a backyard tree, was part of a special gift exchange between Dave’s parents many years ago; it was recently discovered in a tree row and taken in by the couple. Lori said with a smile, "I was teased that it was part of my inheritance."

A copper gazing ball – made out of pennies, glue and an old bowling ball belonging to Jim, Lori’s dad – keeps the wheelbarrow company in what one could call a "memorial garden." Also present is a traveling cross which spends a portion of the summer at Jim’s grave, the remainder in the Pederson backyard.

"I love seasonal decorating so my front yard décor reflects that," Lori said. "I look forward to each season." Red geraniums are her go-to flower. "Simple beauty" and "economical" were words Lori used to describe her favorite bloom.

Over the years, rocks of many shapes and sizes have found a home in the couple’s yard. Sources for field stone include: rock piles located on family farms, cow pastures and...neighbor Gary.

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