October 23, 2008

Make this Halloween a holiday to remember

By Danielle Abbott

Halloween can be one of the most exciting and festive holidays of the year. With scary decorations, a huge assortment of costumes and endless amounts of sweet treats, Halloween is sure to be a memorable time for children and adults alike. With the onset of this magical holiday, several precautions should be taken to insure safety throughout the trick or treating and other processes. When selecting a Halloween costume for children, follow several simple rules to make the experience enjoyable and safe. Begin by selecting a costume that has large eyeholes, which allow children to not only see in front of them, but also use their peripheral vision. Costumes should also have no sharp or pointy edges, including any props that are carried. Trick or treating is the highlight of most children’s Halloween experience. Start the evening by making children a filling and nutritious dinner. This meal will ensure that kids don’t get hungry, and begin eating trick or treat candy before parents have the time to inspect it.

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