March 2, 2016

Making strides


It’s only been about 14 months since McLean County Sheriff J.R. Kerzmann took over the position, but big changes have already taken place - jail income is up, a new chain of command and schedule are in use and morale is through the roof.

"As far as J.R.’s philosophy, from the top down is obviously be honest, be kind, be fair. Just do your job," Training officer Rick Richard said. "Be as professional as possible and you have the support of the organization."

Richard, who worked with the Highway Patrol for over 30 years before coming to the McLean County Sheriff’s Department last year, said that there have been major improvements in the department since he has been here.

Patrol officers were moved to 12-hour instead of eight-hour shifts, giving them more days off and, often a more flexible schedule.

"It logistically works out well. It gives them a lot of extra days off," Richard said. "They can usually see farther out when their days off are going to be."

And when the deputies are on the clock, things work a little differently now.

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