May 6, 2015

Mayor's resignation approved

By Cheryl McCormack

It's official; Duane Bauer is no longer Washburn's city mayor.

City commissioners approved Bauer's letter of resignation at last week’s special meeting called by Commissioners Larry Thomas and Keith Jacobson.

Auditor Joan Zimmerman read Bauer's letter of resignation, dated April 17, to commissioners and the handful of citizens in attendance.

In the letter, Bauer stated his decision was a "hard one to decide," given he's "mostly enjoyed" being a commissioner for the last five years.

The former mayor didn't give details as to what prompted his final decision; he simply stated his resignation was for "reasons I do not wish to discuss."

Bauer said he hopes the community "comes first" in all of the board's future decisions and requested that his remaining wage for time served as mayor be given to the resident who was denied special assessment assistance at the April 14 commission meeting.

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