September 16, 2010

McLean County targets money for Max water drainage problem

By Stu Merry, BHG News Service

As 2011 approaches, department heads continue to present McLean County Commissioners with their preliminary budgets for 2011. One of the areas funds are earmarked for is Max and its drainage problem. A request by the Water Resource Board shows an 80 percent increase ($29,683 to $53,483). But the majority of that proposed increase is to address the water drainage problem in Max. In 2010, $15,000 was budgeted. Come next year, that amount could jump 100 percent, going to $30,000. Another area the board will address is the Garrison Golf Course-LeeRoy Fetzer water storage and drain problem: $8,000 is budgeted for that. County Auditor Les Korgel said the bulk of the money for Max would be for the backend of the project. Some concern was raised that the funds benefit a small portion of the county and how it can be explained to constituents in other parts of the county.

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