September 14, 2011

Memorial Building turns 60 years old

By Michael Johnson, Editor

A proud monument on Washburn’s Main Avenue turns 60 years old on Sept. 21. The Washburn Memorial Building was dedicated on that date in 1951 with a grand dedication program that brought folks from across the state to make an oath that the great building would always be used for the betterment of the community. An excerpt from the The Washburn Leader’s Sept. 27, 1951 issue goes into great detail on the ceremony. Here are a few notes from the day. Dedicated to those who lost their lives in World War II, Mayor R. O. Everson in his closing remarks said, “We now turn this Memorial Building over to the people who furnished the moral fiber and financial assistance to make it possible. May it ever be used wisely and in keeping with the ideal which created it.” Mayor Everson pointed out to everyone present that the building belonged to everyone. He states it had been conceived and built by the people of the city and surrounding territory and must be accepted by them as their own private and collective responsibility to preserve and maintain. The first money raised for the building was by the Victor B. Wallin Post #12 American Legion in 1947 – a sum of $3,000.

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