February 26, 2009

Music Educator of the Year: Randy Hall to receive honor

By Brenda L. Shelkey

The persuasive power that music possesses can lift spirits or rally the home team, or celebrate Memorial Day. It is a quality that has been a strong, yet subtle, addition to the Washburn community and school events. In recognition of the quality music program at Washburn High School, Mr. Randy Hall has been named Music Educator of the Year by the North Dakota Music Educators Association. He was nominated by Washburn Principal Glen Weinmann, who asked several parents and community members to write letters of recommendation supporting his nomination of Hall. A news release provided by Weinmann reads, "Mr. Hall has demonstrated excellence in education by the success of his students in performing skills and musical achievement." In a phone interview, Weinmann said, "Our students are always performing at a high level, consistently qualifying for the UND Honors Band or Choir, consistently qualifying for the All State Band and Choir. "Our students receive star ratings at music festivals. His concerts are always well-attended and typically receive compliments from parents and community members. Few schools can say that of their music program."


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