August 21, 2015

N.D. 4-H Camp celebrates ribbon cutting

By Cheryl McCormack

A new multipurpose complex – the Johnsrud Education Center – is now a reality at the North Dakota 4-H Camp near Washburn. Last Thursday’s ribbon cutting celebration drew in a crowd of more than 100 people.

Noticing all of the chairs were taken and people were standing around the perimeter of the building, Myron D. Johnsrud, former director of the NDSU Extension Service and a major contributor to the project, said, "For the first event, standing room only speaks for itself."

He thanked the State Legislature for providing funding through the NDSU Extension Service’s 2013-15 budget, as well as those individuals, organizations and corporations who donated through the North Dakota 4-H Foundation’s "Shape a New Destiny" campaign.

Chris Boerboom, director of the NDSU Extension Service, also showed appreciation to donors. "Without your generous contributions, along with state funds, this project would have never happened." He noted the real reason for the camp is to focus on youth, to assist with their development of skills and character.

Meredith Gilroy, executive director of the North Dakota 4-H Foundation, said, "When I look around the room, one word comes to mind – opportunity. Thank you for paving a new destiny for youth across the state of North Dakota."

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