March 11, 2010

Nearly 60 area students attend entrepreneur expo

By Michael Johnson, Editor

In this day and age of online businesses there’s no limit to who your competition might be. Which is why, on March 3, area students from Underwood, Washburn, Max, Wilton and Garrison came together to show how their business was different and better than the next. Taylor Sorensen and Alix Auck of Underwood had the only business specializing in cookie bouquets, Cookies Gone Wild. They found a niche in the market and hoped to use the lack of competition in the area to their advantage. "It’s only 50 cents a cookie," Auck said. "How could you go wrong?" Drew Kamrath and Camden Moran of Washburn realized that they had some major competition but with the right marketing they could gain momentum. They created K + M Mowing, a mowing business for Washburn and surrounding communities. During their presentation they said that Cam Sheetz, a Washburn High School senior, was their biggest competition.

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