December 28, 2011

New daycare could fill great need

By Michael Johnson

The need for more daycare options in Washburn has been voiced at numerous public meetings. That need has not gone away as pre-kindergarten numbers seem to be rising to new levels and new families continue to make their way into town.Kayla Sweeney knew that need as much as anyone as she struggled to find daycare once her youngest child, Natalie, was born. She decided to take in a couple other kids while she watched her own children so she could continue to have some kind of income. She soon had more phone calls than she could handle from desperate parents in need of child care. “I was getting so many phone calls ,” Sweeney said. She spoke with her dad, Lowell Rader, and she worked out an arrangement to have the daycare in the building he owns that is also part of the First District Health Unit building.

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