July 9, 2009

New Eyecare location to open next week

By Matt Hopper

A collective of Washburn officials have seen into the future and can say that things are looking good. Results of their project should be seeing past 2020, still able to give others a clearer picture of their Washburn hometown. Rapid construction and timely financing allowed one 25-year-old Washburn business to stick around for some time to come. Keeping their eyes on the prize really paid off for everyone involved with the construction of Washburn’s new Eyecare Professionals location. It was up in the air for a time as to what route of action the business would take. Factors of renting versus building from scratch were measured. They resolved to build at the new Border Lane location after all the right pieces fell into place. The business was forced to re-locate after Marlin Leidholm bought out the attached properties at Red Plaza. Plans to open up the new Eyecare location for business on July 13 are looking promising with the speedy construction taking place at the current site. The new building boasts nicer accommodations as well as the easier access for those living south of Highway 83. The building is a perfect addition to other medical buildings along the Border Lane road area. Eyecare Professionals practitioner, Dr. James Helmers, couldn’t be happier with the progress he’s seen. Despite the moving date and usual planning involved in finding new housing, Helmers has enjoyed every aspect of the building process so far.

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