September 3, 2009

New Jersey couple weds in field of sunflowers

By Alyssa Schafer

Many romances are a whirlwind, but for one New Jersey couple a hurricane led to romance on more than one occasion. Their story’s knot was tied last weekend during a sunflower field wedding north of Washburn. A small wedding party of about 10 people celebrated with John Nielsen and Darlene Eromenok on Aug. 28 in a field on the Tom Schulz farm, 2 miles north on Highway 83. Thirteen years ago a hurricane struck the Hudson Bay area. Darlene’s friends had to work hard to convince her to venture out that night because she is afraid of water, but somehow she mustered her courage and made it to a yacht party on the river. The evening turned out to be perfectly calm, and a momentous occasion for John and Darlene. "The sky just opened up and the stars came out," John said. "That was our first date."

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