November 18, 2015

New license plates issued across N.D.

Last week, the North Dakota Department of Transportation began issuing the new flat plate called the Sunrise License Plate. The new flat plate replaces the current embossed Buffalo plate which has been in circulation for 23 years and Lewis and Clark plate.

"After 23 years some vehicles have deteriorated plates that are losing their reflectivity. In 2013, the state legislature recognized the need and provided the resources to replace the general issue plate. They also indicated it should be a flat plate design," said NDDOT Director Grant Levi.

The NDDOT worked with Tourism, Highway Patrol and Rough Rider Industries to design the new plate, while taking the history and tradition of North Dakota into consideration. In 2014, the North Dakota Legislative and Budget Committee approved a design which features actual photographs of a North Dakota sunset and a buffalo, the North Dakota tourism slogan, "Legendary," along with the official nickname, "Peace Garden State," and the state’s number one crop, wheat.

The new flat plate will be distributed to vehicle owners through the regular license plate renewal process. Once a motorist pays their motor vehicle registration fees they will receive the new flat plate in the mail.

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