June 30, 2011

New Methodist church to be built on the hill

By Michael Johnson, Editor

It’s said that a city on a hill cannot be hidden. A church on a hill overlooking a city on a hill certainly cannot be hidden. That’s part of the thinking behind the location of the new United Methodist Church in Washburn. The planning of the new church has been in the works for over two years and is about to start construction on the hillside across from the new water tower on land donated by Eleanora Renner. The ground work is well under way on the location and according to building committee chairman Don Sorge, construction will be starting very soon. On a visit to the site Sorge and fundraising chairman Mike Goos walked over the grounds to walk through just how the church will be situated on the hill. A street will come in from the Heritage Heights area and the church’s main entry will face towards the new water tower. Goos explained that the Methodist Church has been a part of Washburn for 125 years. The current building has been in use since 1904.
“There’s a lot of history here,” Goos said while walking through the old sanctuary.

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