May 27, 2010

New postmaster ready to earn your business

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The new postmaster at Washburn’s post office, Ernie Welk, puts a new spin on the phrase, "Going postal." His mode of going postal includes a friendly smile, answers to your every question and the knowledge of someone who has worked in the field for 37 years. He hopes this will keep customers coming back. Welk started his career in the United States Postal Service as a city carrier. Since then, he performed office work, customer service, retail, auditing and everything in between. It was always his goal to one day become postmaster. On April 1 that dream came true and he has since excitedly taken on the many roles that a solo postmaster must perform. "I think it’s a larger responsibility," Welk said. Instead of being responsible for one thing in a larger office like Bismarck, now he is expected to do it all. And being able to do it all gives him a feeling of accomplishment each day. The sounds of people opening and shutting their mailboxes each day are music to his ears.


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