November 20, 2008

New Wilton Cenex manager likes a good challenge

By Brenda L. Shelkey

It takes a certain confidence in one’s self to step into a position while maintaining an air of expectation, a willingness to meet the challenge, and a deep respect for tradition. The new general manager of Wilton Farmers Union Oil Company, Bernie Schafer admits, "I work best when there is a challenge. A challenge is wonderful." Finding a good fit for the general manager position has been a priority for the Wilton Farmers Union Oil Company Board of Directors. Three months after losing longtime General Manager Ken Vetter to cancer, the search has ended. The Board hired Schafer to fill the position effective Oct. 28. A number of things came together for both Schafer and the Farmers Union Board, indicating the two were a good match. Board Chairman Kyle Hilken explained that Schafer is familiar with all that Vetter tried to accomplish in his 29 years of work with Farmers Union, and his dedication to the Wilton community. Hilken said, "We found someone who fits in with the chemistry of the station and with Ken’s philosophy for growth and change. Bernie has new ideas that will be good for us." The choice to hire Schafer seemed appropriately in the spirit of growth set by Vetter. Hilken said, "The board is excited to have him, and we are excited to move forward. It will be a good fit for us."

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