February 19, 2009

No more waiting to hear school closures: Washburn implements instant alert system

By Danielle Abbott

Do you hate waking up early to listen carefully to the radio, or have your children’s eyes locked to the television screen waiting to see or hear the cancellation of a day of school? Have you driven to a game or event, only to see that it has been cancelled due to weather? These situations and the recent weather related cancellations and postponements will soon be getting a technological facelift throughout Washburn. It is called an instant alert system, and Washburn Superintendent Brad Rinas said, "This appears to be a growing strategy that schools are using, making its way into North Dakota as a way of notifying parents, staff and students for school and game cancellations." Instead of tuning into the radio or local television stations, those associated with the Washburn School will now be able to have the notifications sent instantly to their land line phone, pager, email, or cell phones via phone call or text message. "The administrator from a telephone or computer can implement a call and notify the system. It will go out within 30 seconds and hits everybody at once," Rinas said.

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