November 11, 2010

North Dakota celebrates recycling

By Michael Johnson, Editor

North Dakota Recycles Day is Nov. 15 and with it comes a time to remember how you can recycle here in Washburn. The Washburn WKRP (Willing Kids Recycle Program) received funding to get going in 1993 from an Environmental Education Grant. The $5,000 was to be used to conduct training seminars on implementing rural recycling programs and source reduction to tribal community leaders and youth. Francis Brunsell and Don Sommer are two of the original members of the group that worked to get the program going in the community and they are the two remaining that keep the recycling center going. The recycling drop off is located on Border Lane, the frontage road east of Enerbase. Brunsell said the program grew and the kids eventually grew out of the program, which left it in the hands of those who started the idea. Now the site is basically a drop off site open the first and third Saturday of the month. Residents can drop off cardboard, office paper, newspaper, tin and aluminum cans.

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