February 27, 2013

Observe demolition with caution

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The demolition of the McLean County Courthouse will require a community-wide effort to limit exposure from spores over a possible 60-day period, county officials said at a community meeting on Feb.  19  at the courthouse. “It will be an inconvenience for a couple months,” noted courthouse architect Al Fitterer. The historic building, whose fate has been discussed for many years, is planned to have a demolition crew start dismantling its well-used structure in about two weeks. The construction crew, CMI, from Duluth, Minn., will not be using dynamite or a wrecking ball in the demolition of the courthouse. Instead, much of the work will be done using a large backhoe, Fitterer said. Fitterer is also heading up the planning of the demolition and the plan for construction of the new parking lot. About 20 residents, mostly from Washburn, showed up to ask questions and hear the general plan for demolition.  Fitterer expected work to begin in about two weeks, equipment had to come in from Duluth and a North Dakota Health Department permit had to be approved as well. The crew was given 60 days to complete the demolition.

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