January 31, 2018

Officers get Narcan training

McLean County officers are the most recent addition to the list of local entities now carrying and trained on Narcan, an opioid overdose reversal medication.
Narcan, also known as Naloxone, was explained in detail to officers at the McLean County Sheriff’s Department during its meeting last week. Deputies at the meeting listened to a presentation from the First District Health Unit on opioid overdoses and how Narcan can be effective in reversing them.
The Sheriff’s department is the most recent in an array of educational and emergency entities in the area adding Narcan to their toolbelt. Both the Washburn and Wilton Ambulance Services have been carrying the nasal spray form of the medication for at least a year.
In late 2017, staff members at Wilton Public School were also trained in administering Narcan, a move Superintendent Amanda Meier said was important to the school board and administration.

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