October 12, 2011

On the fringe of growth

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The housing study and motel feasibility study in Washburn are underway after a gathering of interested community members Sept. 29. The gathering allowed for the study group to ask questions of what is happening in Washburn. Doug McDonald and Matthew Leiphon of Praxis Strategy Group of Grand Forks led the discussion by asking very straight-forward questions, seeking honest opinions and observations about what is happening in and around Washburn. First, McDonald wanted to identify potential options for growth in Washburn’s housing. McDonald could tell outright that Washburn had a good location. He directed his attention towards realtors in the room including Mike Nelson and Miles Gradin. He asked them if they would be open and ready to help him find a place to buy or build on. Both said absolutely. When McDonald asked the bankers if they would be willing to help him buy a lot and home the answer was “yes” as long as the proper steps are followed. The lots in Heritage Heights were also mentioned as a place for potential new housing.

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