August 28, 2013

Ordinance enforcement under scrutiny

By Michael Johnson, Editor

“We need to bring our city back to the standards it once had,” summed up the hope of Wilton resident Fred Schauer after presenting a series of photos to city commissioners last Wednesday at the regular board meeting. The photos showed of some of the properties in Wilton that clearly had ordinance violations, including weeds growing over vehicles, abandoned vehicles, unfinished building sites and either unlicensed trailers or vehicles. Schauer remained on city streets while taking all photos. Schauer narrated the photos and presented them along with a letter of complaint, which sited the ordinances being violated. Schauer proposed that the city find a way to gain compliance. One issue that has troubled city commissioners is the enforcement. They have been working on one particular junk violator. The case has been handed over to the municipal judge and what will become of it was yet to be determined. Mayor Ron Peck said he has received no new information from the city attorney regarding the matter. He added that they have worked over the previous ordinance, siting that it was too extreme, “probably unlawful.” Commissioner Dave Herner said the commission did all they could do to gain compliance including drive-arounds, letters, followups and working with an attorney.

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