July 27, 2016

Petition drafted to remove mayor

A petition to remove the mayor of Washburn has started to circulate town recently.
The petition, which is being passed around Washburn by resident and ambulance squad leader Mark Lelm, asks that the Attorney General’s office dismiss President of the Commission Larry Thomas. Furthermore, it asks that Thomas not be allowed to return to any similar position in the future.
“We, the undersigned, request … to remove Larry Thomas from the Washburn City Commission and ban him from serving on any and all future committees, sub committees and commissions,” the petition states, saying that those who have signed believe Thomas should be removed “for the benefit and well-being of the community of Washburn.”
Listed reasons for removal include “Knowingly and with purpose breaking open meeting laws,” “Disregarding City Ordinances and interpretation of Ordinances,” “Employee retaliation and discrimination” and “Abandonment of duty through lack of contact via phone, email, or in person and refusal to engage with city employees.”

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