October 28, 2010

Phone-a-thon a success

By Michael Johnson, Editor

You know that phone call that comes right around dinner. The one that gets you up from the easy chair wondering who could be calling. If you received one last Tuesday or Wednesday it was probably one of many Washburn High School students calling with the hope of raising funds for the Dollars for Scholars fund. The Phone-a-thon is said to be in its sixth year and though the number of landlines available is fewer, the number of residents willing to give to help fund scholarships for this year’s seniors was strong. About 600 residents were called on Tuesday and 300 alumni on Wednesday night from the West River Telecommunications. The total donations from the public came in at around $6,000. Last year’s total was about $6,900. Dollars for Scholars volunteer Judy Beaudry said residents are given a reminder every year through advertising around town that the students will be calling again and for the most part the students are met with kind and generous donors.

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