May 18, 2016

Playground causes concern


Safety was a big topic of discussion at the recent Washburn Public School board meeting, with debate between members about how much work should be done on the school’s elementary playground.

"My kids come home and go, ‘Look at these pretty rocks, Mom.’ But those ‘pretty rocks’ are just chunks of asphalt they picked up where it is broken," board member Stacey Scheresky said.

Scheresky said she was concerned about how safe her children were on "outdated equipment" and broken up surface of the playground. Board member Luke Retterath, who serves on the facilities committee, had just proposed cleaning up the playground over the summer, but Scheresky said it wasn’t enough.

"Is there any way to get our playground into a two-year, more aggressive plan?" Scheresky asked, saying the sandbox and equipment were a hazard.

Scheresky said much of the equipment was outdated, or simply dangerous.

"When it rains, the teachers won’t even let them play on it because it’s so slippery and dangerous," Scheresky said. She said she understood there were finances to be considered, but that it was frustrating to see the new gym floor being installed while the playground was in need.

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