January 10, 2018

Playground project proposals examined

The Washburn School facilities committee listened to one presentation and read over materials detailing proposals from three other companies last week during a bid opening for a possible playground improvement project.
Washburn Public School received four bids this month for a potential project aiming to replace old equipment and current pea gravel surfacing on the lower elementary playground. Marissa Bauer of SafetyFirst Playground Surfacing, based in Minnesota, was present at last week’s facility committee meeting and bid opening to present her company’s proposals in person.
Bauer said that the pea gravel under the equipment on the playground is no-longer compliant, and that SafetyFirst would be looking to replace the material with a natural wood chip.
“We use Nature’s Plus, which is made from the Tamarack tree and is completely water, mold and mildew resistant,” Bauer said.
Bauer presented two different customizable proposals for the committee, both including removal of the pea gravel, installation of drain tile and surface material, and removal and replacement of older pieces of equipment. The first bid, priced at $84,580, included a may pole, ten spin, saddle seat, surfer, fitness center and two sets of swings. The second bid, valued at $95,276, included a ten spin, saddle seat, surfer, DNA rope climber, fitness center and three sets of swings.

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