September 25, 2012

Pochant leads with new signs

By Michael Johnson, Editor

When Parker Pochant heard that the Washburn School was co-oping with other local schools  to form the Southern McLean Roughriders, he knew exactly what he wanted to do for the community. He was on his way to earn his Eagle Scout ranking and he had to choose a project. That project had to be something that would benefit the community. He wanted it to be big. He wanted it to make a difference. After some steady planning, Pochant, 16, knew that some signage celebrating the co-op of the Southern McLean Roughriders would be a great project. He noticed the scoreboard would be a great spot for that new signage. “It’s going to be a part of the community for a lasting time,” Parker said of the idea. Over about three months, he worked up the design using the Southern McLean logo and name. He chose his helpers and he ordered what they would need to complete the project. The thing about the Eagle Scout ranking, is that you have to show you are a leader. So Parker had to lead his helpers in completing the project. He couldn’t do much of the labor. “I learned that being a leader is a little more stressful,” he said. He recruited his fellow older scouts from Troop 1079, his brother Patrick,  and Kayden Erickson. He also got help from Kevin Schulte, who allowed the boys to use a lift to get the new signs in place.

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