September 6, 2017

Preliminary budget approved

Washburn City Commissioners made some adjustments before approving the 2018 preliminary budget, ensuring a zero-percent increase in property taxes from the city this year.
Commissioners and community representatives weighed priorities for the upcoming year during the Aug. 29 commission meeting, working to get a little closer to finalizing figures.
Auditor Joan Zimmerman said the city levied 46.81 mills for the general fund 2016, or $212,059.13. This year, the budget came to the commission with an initial required levy of 54.75, or $240,490.
“For a zero-mill increase, we would have to cut $33,000 from the budget,” Zimmerman said. By not increasing the number of mills being levied, the city would keep property taxes from being increased because of the city’s budget.
Commissioner Keith Jacobson noted a $50,000 budget line for sealcoating, and suggested holding off on the work for another year.
“In the past, we’ve used sales and use/surge money for that,” Jacobson said. “That would kind of solve the problem right there.”

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