June 8, 2016

Primary election looms

BHG News

The June Primary Election takes place next week. North Dakotans will head to the polls Tuesday, June 14.

In McLean County, voters will elect city council members, park board members, school board members and in some cases, a municipal judge. In some instances, notably city park boards, seats will be filled by write-in or appointment.

On the county side, Commission District 2 representative Barry Suydam is running unopposed. That is the only county office up for election.

Statewide, voters will have a referred measure to consider. Senate Bill 2351, passed in the 2015 Legislature, would allow ownership of up to 640 acres of land for the operation of a dairy farm or swine production facility by a domestic corporation or limited liability company. The bill would also require the ag commissioner to develop reporting and monitoring rules to ensure compliance. A "Yes" vote would approve the bill, while a "No" vote would reject Senate Bill 2351.

On the no-party ballot, Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler is challenged by Joe Chiang.

Voters will also vote according to their political affiliation for Republican, Democratic-NPL or Libertarian candidates.

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