April 5, 2017

Public hearing scheduled for rezoning

A Washburn man approached the city Planning and Zoning Commission Monday in hopes of getting one step closer to building a storage space in town.
Resident Bill Pfaff is seeking the rezoning of a local residential property, making the lot a commercial property, where he can construct a new building. Pfaff, who currently owns and manages Steele Storage, said he would like to build a new storage facility on the land. The proposed building is estimated to be 50 by 72 feet, with 6 to 8 units available for rent.
Before Pfaff would consider purchasing the land, which is currently owned by James Kost, the property would need to be rezoned to allow for commercial use.
“He’s looking to change it to commercial use, and then get a conditional use permit,” Deputy Auditor Sharon Hendrikson said.
A similar structure had been proposed on a residential property in recent years, with members of the board disagreeing on whether or not neighbors had been comfortable with the project. The commission asked Pfaff why he was proposing the storage facility on a residential property versus elsewhere in the city.
“I prefer to have the buildings close to residential areas,” Pfaff said. “It’s close to your customers and it helps with theft.”

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