July 16, 2015

Public input sought

By Cheryl McCormack

Will there be a 2016 Washburn City Street/Utility Project? City commissioners want citizen input before making the big decision.

Commissioner Larry Thomas said, "I think we should wait to decide until we have another member on the commission. It’s something to think about. Maybe we could get some input from the public to see if they want to keep going or not."

Commissioner Keith Jacobson said he personally wouldn’t support a street project without the help of outside funds, such as Surge funds or Sales and Use Tax dollars. "Maybe give us a little time to catch a breath and replenish," he said.

City Engineer Jasper Klein said the next project area will be in the area of Second Street to Eighth Street, or the "area in the middle" from the Lewis and Clark Cafe to the Washburn City Hall.

Klein recommended the board make a final decision by October. The city plans on posting an online poll on their website: washburnnd.com.

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