October 2, 2013

Q & A with Ukraine’s Vladyslav Cherevkov

    Vladyslav Cherevkov, a.k.a. Vlad, is one of two Ukraine students that performed well enough to be chosen for the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program. Their skills brought them to Washburn School where they are learning all it takes to be a productive North Dakotan.
    Vlad’s host family is Keith and Diane Due. He shared a bit about himself recently for the reading audience.
    Where are you from? "Khmlnytskyy, Ukraine. Which is in the western part of Ukraine." The city is actually named after an 18th century ruler.
    How did you get to come to North Dakota? Post-USSR countries are part of the FLEX program, he explained. They check your English and gauge your ability to be away from family. They look at leadership and confidence skills as well as their overall abilities in education. A very small percentage of students test well enough to be considered (200 of 10,000). Vlad missed it his first year but passed this year.
    "It was really difficult."

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