December 30, 2015

Residents advised to watch for snow plows

The North Dakota Department of Transportation wants to remind motorists to be cautious of snow plows during this busy travel time. Plow trucks are working hard to clear snow and ice from state highways and need help from all residents and passersby to ensure safe travel.

NDDOT employs approximately 355 snow plow operators in the state who are the eyes and ears on the road, reporting actual conditions that are then implemented onto the Travel Information Map. NDDOT snow plow operators maintain over 8,000 miles of roadway throughout the state and work weekends and holidays.

In addition to standard plow trucks, the NDDOT also utilizes a piece of equipment called the TowPlow. The TowPlow is a trailer-mounted plow, which is pulled and operated by a snow plow truck. The combination of the front truck plow along with the TowPlow, can clear a path approximately 24 feet wide in one pass. The TowPlow can operate in multiple lanes and is equipped with steering axles which swings the trailer from behind the truck into an adjacent lane.

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