January 29, 2009

Resolution for street project

By Danielle Abbott

For several months, the Washburn City Commission has addressed the upcoming street project during their meetings. On Monday, a special meeting was called, and the main topic of discussion was the street project, consuming nearly thee quarters of their time. David Thompson represented the Toman Engineering Company at the meeting, and he helped to address and explain every detail of the project. The discussion began with the commissioners repealing the resolution that was approved at the Jan. 12 meeting. The repealed motion broke the 2009-01 project affecting 7th St. into two separate projects. Instead of rolling the street, water and sewer projects into one district, the repeal allowed the water and sewer to become one district, while the streets portion of the project became a separate district. Also in repealing the previously approved motion, the large project was broken down into four separate districts, instead of one large district. "If you had one big project, they would have lesser protest-ability. We should have each individual area have their own project, so that the individual area can protest if they want," said city attorney David Lindell. Lindell had discussed the four separate districts with the street commissioner, water commissioner, engineers and Mayor Elmer Miller prior to the meeting. Once the original motion was repealed, the project became four separate parts; Water and Sewer District No. 2009-01, Street Improvement District No. 2009-01, Street Improvement District No. 2009-02 and Street Improvement District No. 2009-03.

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