January 7, 2016

Resource center fund drive continues

BHG News

The coming year, 2016, is one that could see a difference being made in the lives of many less fortunate families in McLean County.

Officials with the McLean Family Resource Center said they think construction on a new center in Washburn could begin this year. There’s reason for the optimism.

"Funds have steadily been growing a little all the time," said Rick Hultberg, MFRC board president.

The estimated cost of the new facility is $1 million. Direct services coordinator for the resource center, Stacey Pfliiger, said that amount would allow for the facility to be fully functional, including fixtures and other potential unexpected needs.

"Our goal is to dig in late 2016," she said.

Pfliiger said there are $400,000 of proposals, coupled with pledges and in-kind donations for labor.

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