January 21, 2015

Richard joins sheriff's department

By Stu Merry
BHG News

McLean County Sheriff JR Kerzmann continues to reorganize the sheriff's department.

The newest member to the force is a familiar face throughout the county – soon-to-be former North Dakota Highway Patrolman Rick Richard. Richard will be the department’s training officer and patrol supervisor.

"His duties in the department will be to train and mentor individual deputies and squads and to implement a departmental training program so our officers have the competence and confidence to meet all the public safety challenges we face," Kerzmann said.

Richard has spent the past 31 years with the NDHP. In talking about what he brings to the table, Kerzmann points out that Richard is a state expert in accident reconstruction, crime scene mapping, and has been an instructor in many law enforcement disciplines at the North Dakota Police Academy.

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