August 4, 2011

Ride of Hope delivers to Minot

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Bikers in the area took a drive that changed their lives and those in Minot on Sunday. A group of motorcycle riders formed to help those in great need in the Minot flood zone in just a week’s planning by Washburn resident Neda Holznagel. The gathering was named the “Ride of Hope” and allowed area folks to lend a helping hand and some hope to those in the flood zone. The group starting the event was a new riding group in town called River Riders. The group left Washburn Sunday morning and made one stop at the 6-mile corner to pick up more riders, whether they be driving on two, three or four wheels, before heading to Minot to start interior demolition. Holznagel, the club’s treasurer, was planning on having upwards of 60 bikers total to help in the removal process. When a dozen showed up on Sunday morning it was a little frustrating but the team knocked out five houses in the day. That goes to show the effect just a few people can have and what effect a large group of people could have in Minot.

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