October 10, 2012

Riders deliver message of hope

By Michael Johnson, Editor

It looked like it may be a poor turn out for the annual Saddle up Against Cancer ride on Saturday morning. After the cowboys and cowgirls got some hot coffee in their systems, they started pouring into the Wilton Cenex parking lot ready to ride. Most of the folks just put on a few extra layers and excitedly awaited the start of the ride. “I’ve got, like, five layers on,” Jacy Hausauer, McClusky, said. She and her friends were rubbing their hands and preparing their horses for the day. Despite the cold temperatures, they knew it was a good day. “The sky was even pink today,” Haley Zinke of Mercer said. She noted that the horizon was a good reminder of the breast cancer awareness color. Stocking caps and long underwear were common among riders. So was the feeling that it was a worthy cause and a good reason to ride horse. “It’s always worth riding a horse,” Aleesha Klein of Bismarck said.

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