September 3, 2015

Riverside Park Road to be paved


Washburn’s Riverside Park Road will soon be paved and families will be able to enjoy all the park has to offer, thanks to a grant from the state of North Dakota.

The City of Washburn has received a $207,000 grant from the state to cover the gravel road running parallel to the river with asphalt. City auditor Joan Zimmerman applied for the grant in November in hopes of getting the road taken care of before the end of 2015, and recently was approved.

"It is just huge for the park area. It will add so much to it," Zimmerman said. "It will help with the vegetation that creeps through the roads; it helps with the potting; and the city won’t have to then maintain it."

The street will be paved all the way from the end of Boat Ramp Road to where the train tracks cross near 8th Street. To be considered for the grant, the project needed to have some historical significance, which the road qualified for because it provides access to the historical Sioux Ferry.

Two years ago, another road in the area received the same grant. Boat Ramp Road was considered top priority for maintenance, and was at the top of the list for Washburn road projects to be funded, followed by the Riverside Park road portion.

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