November 5, 2014

Rookie Baptists win Pumpkin Chuck’n

By Cheryl McCormack

Youth leaders typically don’t encourage their students to walk around smashing things.

However, the October air has a way of "bringing out the kid" in each of us, causing us to stray from our everyday routine.

On Oct. 26, smashing was strongly encouraged at the 2nd Annual Pumpkin Chuck’n event at the Brad Sheldon farm near Washburn.

Participating in this year’s event were past competitors, the Lutherans, the Methodists and the Catholics, as well as the rookie Baptists.

Each team brought their very own launcher, carefully built and tweaked to vault pumpkins many feet into the air. In this case, the further the orange fruit flew, the better.

Following a launch, each unfortunate pumpkin landed on the recently harvested field with a loud "thud" before smashing into (not quite) a million pieces. Two students from each church stood in the field to mark the farthest launching distance by their group.

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